Do keep an eye and ear out for news of my Creative Writing Workshops for Adults (17+). Each workshop includes six, two hour long sessions that are divided such that each session addresses a different aspect of writing that is crucial in developing a compelling and well-polished piece of writing.


  • “Upon looking back, attending the insightful workshop and having known Anam as more than just a guide due to her extremely friendly nature, it was by far the most important decision I made in terms of my journey towards writing confidently. I take great pride in reading her pieces and eagerly await the release of her book in the making.” -Amina Tiwana
  • “The whole experience was just as charming as the name, Ink Spills and Coffee Stains, suggests. As someone who is not comfortable sharing her writing with the outside world, I was given an amiable setup in which to do so and received some brilliant critique points. What I loved most about the seminars was that they were well structured and briefly but comprehensively touched upon the vital aspects of writing. In those 2 weeks Anam had rekindled my passion for prose for which I can never be grateful enough.” -Misha Khan
  • “Ink spills and coffee stains was a writing class like no other. What i learned in six sessions of this workshop was something no English or Literature teacher had ever let me know of and definitely not in the way Anam did. You’re in a coffee shop with the quirkiest of people, being taught by an amazing writer and no topic for discussion is off limits. It doesn’t get better than that and I would attend the sessions again if there is a part two to Anam’s workshop. Months have gone by and yet every time I sit down to write, I can hear Anam in the background saying, ‘scalpel, not a sledge hammer’. You’ll know what it means once you sign up for her class!” -Armna Khan

Ink Spills & Coffee Stains (Lahore): July 11th – July 27th 2016  *this workshop has already been completed*