About Clickstories


Beginnings, Middles, Ends, they’re everywhere; huddled together at sea, in the cereal aisle of a local Tesco, at the summit of Mount Everest, but mostly, wherever there is life. Clickstories is a reflection of society in the now. In a digital era that conspires to challenge art so that it struggles to retain the attention of an audience with little or no time to give, maybe it’s okay to fragment the epic tale; break it up into shards of glass that separately reflect a little piece of life that would otherwise go unnoticed. –This is what Clickstories (the fully featured content on this site) is about.

It started off as an Instagram account (@clickstories) that I created as a means to ensure that I kept writing. Agreeing to post no more than 400 words at a time, I set forth self-publishing short stories and excerpts inspired by internal and external influences in my life.

While everything I write is fiction, each post is anchored to a universal experience through which I hope to move my readership and invite them to think; better yet, to write, too.