Postmodern Emotion: An Introduction

It is imperative for any writer to spend a considerable amount of time understanding the exchange of emotion between people. What do we do in the face of love, of loss, and how does reality differ from that ever evasive understanding of how things “should” unfold? This latter point is one that has fascinated me for a very long time. Being a product of the societies and environments in which I grew up in, I couldn’t help but notice how relationships, actions, and reactions differed in actuality from what I’d read and thought to have known through fiction, cinema, and the shared anecdotes of generations passed.

There is no denying that something has changed. And while I will leave the questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’ to social anthropologists, I have decided to dedicate the month of May to presenting a series of passaged that pay homage to the curious evolution of contemporary relationships; or arguably, lack thereof.

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