Word Portrait || The Importance of Being Liked

Outside of retina display screens she had a decidedly average appearance. She had mousy brown hair, puffy eyelids seldom seen without shadow, blanched lips, and a small and short build that she felt forever kept her from achieving the degree of glamor that she coveted so dearly. For this reason she was seldom recognized outside of the cyber sphere, despite having a fan base of over two hundred thousand. 

For these followers she woke each morning, loading youtube tutorials on Kylie Jenner lips, cleavage contouring wonders, and hacks to achieve the perfect cat-eye lining. Such craftsmanship was known to last an hour, followed by another spent trying to capture the ideal selfie, simply captioned: Good Morning World!

On bloated days she knew it was best to take the photo from above. Tilt the head left, slightly turned down; a rookie hack to enlarge her eyes, and one she’d mentally coined ‘the fat girl pose.’ She used her filters with purpose too. Ideal angles could pass with none, average shots enhanced through the subtlety of Valencia, and nearly hopeless cases were best posted in black and white. —Inkwell, not Willow; crucially.

The result of her efforts was truly remarkable. With auburn hair, smoldering eyes, and cherry-red lips, to strangers @justagirl967 appeared the epitome of the human form. That there lay such a vast divide between the virtual and the real did little to mute her resolve; not when met with slander on the school bus, nor when told that she was a sham. It didn’t matter that she was never asked on dates by boys she knew or that she could never accept those that flooded her inbox on Instagram.

To know she was beautiful in another life, well, that was enough.

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